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Metin Cakir

Assistant Professor Metin Cakir is in the Department of Bioresource Policy, Business and Economics, University of Saskatchewan.


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Innovation Related Research & Publications

Journal Articles
Cakir, M. and J.V. Balagtas, 2012. “Estimating Market Power of U.S. Dairy Cooperatives”. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, (forthcoming).

Cakir, M. and J.V. Balagtas, 2010. “Econometric Evidence of Cross-Market Effects of Generic Dairy Advertising." Agribusiness: an International Journal, 26(1): 83-99.

Research Reports
Patrick, G.F., M. Cakir and T.G. Baker. Feb. 2008. “Evaluating Livestock Risk Protection for Hogs." Purdue Agricultural Economics Report. pp. 1-5.

Work in Progress
Cakir, M. and J.V. Balagtas. Estimating Consumer Response to Package Downsizing: an Application to US Bulk Ice Cream Market.

Cakir, M., C.H. Mahmoud, K.A. Foster. Measuring Market Power in Spatially Dispersed US Beef and Pork Industries.

Cakir, M., J.V. Balagtas, and S. Wu. Optimal Allocation of Authority in Agricultural Production Contracts.

Cakir, M., R. Gray. A Productivity Analysis of Aggregate Public and Private R&D Investments in Canadian Wheat and Canola Markets.




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