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Knowledge Impact in Society
Andréanne Léger

Dr. Andréanne Léger is the Deputy Director, Science & Innovation Systems Analysis, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

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Innovation Related Publications

Léger, A. 2007. Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation around the World: Evidence from Panel Data. DIW Discussion Paper 696: Berlin. Download paper
Léger, A. 2007. The Role(s) of Intellectual Property Rights for Innovation: A Review of the Empirical Evidence and Implications for Developing Countries. DIW Discussion Paper 707: Berlin. Download paper
Léger, A and S. Swaminathan. 2007. Innovation Theories: Relevance and Implications for Developing Country Innovation. DIW Discussion Paper 743: Berlin. Download paper
Léger, A. 2005. Intellectual Property Rights in Mexico: Do They Play a Role? World Development, 33 (11): 1865-1879. View Abstract











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