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Bodo Steiner

Professor Bodo Steiner is in the Department of Border Region Studies, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark.

(Adjunct Professor, Department of Resource Economics & Environmental Sociology, University of Alberta)

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Innovation Related Publications

Books, Proceedings, and Chapters in Books

Steiner, B. and J. Ali (2007) Clustering and Innovation in Canada: Evidence from the Alberta Food Processing Sector, in: M. Fritz, U. Rickert and G. Schiefer (eds.) Proceedings of the 1st International European Forum on Innovation and System Dynamics in Food Networks, University of Bonn-IlB Press (ISBN 978-3-923887-90-1), Bonn, pp. 111-128.

Steiner, B. (2006) Governance reform of German food safety regulation: Cosmetic or real?.in: C. Ansell and D. Vogel (eds.)Why The Beef: The Contested Governance of European Food Safety (2006), MIT Press, Cambridge Massachusetts, 181-210.

Refereed Journals Articles

B. Steiner (2011) 'Contracting in the wine supply chain with bilateral moral hazard, residual claimancy and multitasking'. European Review of Agricultural Economics, advance access: doi: 10.1093/erae/jbr054,

Steiner, B. and J. Ali (2011) 'Government support for the development of regional food clusters: Evidence from Alberta, Canada'. International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development, 3 (2):186-216.

Steiner, B. and J. Yang (2010). How do consumers value credence attributes associated with beef labels since the North American BSE crisis of 2003?, International Journal of Consumer Studies, 34(4): 449-463.

Reports (available online: and

Steiner, B. and J. Ali (2009) Regional food clusters and government support for clustering: Evidence for a dynamic food innovation cluster in Alberta, Canada?, Department of Rural Economy, Staff Paper, No. 09-04, 40p.

Steiner, B. (2009) The extent and nature of contracting in the wine supply-chain when moral hazard is present, Department of Rural Economy, Staff Paper, No. 09-05, 40p.

Steiner, B., Srivastava, L., and F. Gao (2007) Assessing the consumer acceptance and market potential of alternative meats, Department of Rural Economy, Project Report, Number 07-01, 2007, 66p.

Steiner, B., Unterschultz, J. and E. Goddard (2007) Formal beef alliances and alignment challenges: Issues in contracting, pricing and quality, Department of Rural Economy, Project Report, Number 07-02, 2007, 94p.

Steiner, B. and J. Yang (2007) Beef labeling after BSE: Do consumers care about BSE testing and GMO labeling? Evidence from Canada and the US, Consumer and Market Demand Agricultural Research Policy Network, Project Report, Research Project Number CMD-07-10, 22p.

Conference Presentations

Zhang, J. and B. Steiner, “Choice behavior and preferences of Canadian consumers with Celiac disease", presentation at the 1st Joint EAAE/ AAEA seminar The economics of food, food choice and health, 115th EAAE seminar, September 15th to September 17th, 2010 at the Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany, Freising-Weihenstephan (TUM Business School, Marketing and Consumer Research).

Anders, S., Bott, G., Umberger, W. and B. Steiner, “Novel Grading and Quality Standards: Insights from the Australian Meat Industry" 2010 Visions Conference, Alberta Agricultural Economics Association, Annual Meeting, Red Deer, May 6, 2010.

Matejovsky, L., Mohapatra, S. and B. Steiner, “The Role of Entrepreneurship in Canadian Economic Growth" 2009 CAES, Canadian Agricultural Economics Association (CAES-CEA) Annual Meeting, Toronto, May 29.





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