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Shelley Thompson

Shelley Thompson manages her own consulting company SJT Solutions, Southey Saskatchewan.



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Dr Shelley Thompson is the President of SJT Solutions; a Saskatchewan based consulting firm specializing in applied economic analysis. Shelley’s primary area of consulting expertise is the agri-food sector including primary, processing, grain handling and transportation, commercialization, promotion, marketing and biotechnology. Recently completed consulting projects include:

  • Lost earning due to transportation unreliability
  • Transfer efficiency in Canadian agricultural policy
  • Consumer product labeling regimes
  • Commercialization challenges in Canada’s agri-food sector
  • Tariff and non-tariff barriers for pulse flours and fractions
  • Value chain impacts of health claims
  • Impacts of the adventitious presence of GMO’S
  • Strategic alliances in Canada’s horticulture sector

Innovation Related Publications


JT Solutions, JRG Consulting Group, and Agrinomics IT Consulting Ltd, "Proposal for a Feed Grain Strategy & Implementation Plan - Draft Report", Commissioned by Alberat Agricultural and Rural Development, November 2009.

JRG Consulting Group, SJT Solutions and Dr. David Sparling, "Challenges and Constraints in the Pre-commercialization and Commercialization Atages and Success Along the Innovation Contiuum", Commissioned by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, March 2010.



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